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Bike Tracks Open: What a difference a day makes

Posted by Nevis Range on 11th May, 2015

Despite the woeful weather over the last couple of days (sideways rain, hail and thunder all just in the last few hours), opening day of the Nevis Range bike tracks was a real beauty! There was BBQ, DJ, photographer and general bike bants aplenty, not to mention the incredible weather to kick off another exciting season.


People were queuing from super early, and who could blame them as the sun glinted off all the shiny and unused kit just waiting to be let loose.


Photographer extraordinaire Steven McKenna set himself up all day in an effort to get a photo of every rider. To check out the whole set have a squint at the Dropbox.

Away from the World Cup track, the Scottish Power Mini DH took over the forest trails as the up-and-coming generation of rippers showed what they can do. The future of British downhill looks pretty safe.


So, as the sun set on another opening day at Nevis Range, it’s safe to say we’re all excited about the season ahead. See you at the World Cup next month!