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The best of Winter 2014

Posted by Nevis Range on 28th April, 2014

A huge THANKYOU to all our skiing, snowboarding & climbing customers for supporting us throughout this winter. 

We’ve uploaded some of our favourist photos from the season, and thanks to everyone who’s provided us with images and video throughout the winter … Stevie, Charne, Neil, Craig, Swampy, Alan, Jeff to name but a few.

A winter we won’t forget for a long time … typified by snow and a dig … more snow, more digging … followed by even more snow and even more digging.  Spike – our founder, declared the most snow than we’d ever had since we opened in 1989, a fact backed up later in the season by SAIS data.  The winter also had its fair share of windyness which seemed to settle into a 7 day cycle, with the worst at weekends.

We had some great days too – the busiest day on the slopes for 10 years is still a bit of a blur, and we were completely impressed by the fancy dress costumed that rolled up up at Easter, we will repeat this next year.  We held Club and FIS races and once we eventually got into the Back Corries hosted a Freeride event with Snowsports Scotland as well as the NBC Water Ski & Board Championships.

The last day of our 2013/14 Winter Season was Sunday 27 April 2014.  Certainly not a busy day and a far cry from our busiest day with 1700 on the slopes, our loyal customers & friends enjoyed an exclusive day on the slopes, with spring snow conditions, blue skies and sunshine along with T-shirts, sunnies and sun cream.  The skiing and boarding was on the upper slopes, accessed by the quad – with the Goose, the Summit and Braveheart running throughout the day.  Most folk headed into the Back Corries for the final lift accessed amazing conditions.

The uplift, Snowsports School, Equipment Hire and the early morning Climbers gondola will resume again in Winter 2014/15 when we look forward to seeing you all!

But remember, hiking is always an option …