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Nevis Range is committed to ensuring that we offer adequate access to the variety of facilities and activities available onsite, to a wide spectrum of visitors, including the four-legged variety!

Disability Access

Nevis Range is committed to ensuring that the facilities they provide are accessible to visitors of all physical abilities, including those with limited mobility. The Gondola cars themselves are able to accommodate wheelchairs up to 60cm wide and the operators will readily slow or stop the Gondola cycle to allow access to our less able visitors, until they are onboard and fully prepared for the journey ahead. There are disabled toilets located at both the Gondola Top and Base Stations and there is adequate disabled access to the Snowgoose Restaurant & Bar and the Pinemarten Cafe Bar at the Gondola Base Station..

There’s no need to inform us of your visit beforehand, when purchasing tickets we’ll provide you with the necessary information to ensure you have an enjoyable visit.  Once you’re on the Gondola, the Operators at the Base will inform the Top Station Operator that a wheelchair user or less mobile customer is on their way, to ensure that they are prepared to stop the Gondola on your arrival at the Top Station.

If you need any more help or information before your visit or whilst onsite please don’t hesitate to contact us or ask a member of staff who will be more than willing to help.


We welcome your four-legged friends to Nevis Range.  Owners are more than welcome to bring their dogs in the Gondola and then take them for a walk on one of the mountain viewpoint trails.

But please, when you reach the top station, keep all dogs on a lead, as at certain times during the year there are sometimes deer and sheep around the top station.  There are also other visitors who may not be as comfortable with dogs as you are.

Please note: Dogs are not allowed in the Snowgoose Restaurant & Bar or the Pinemarten Cafe Bar for health and hygiene reasons.