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Big mountain skiing – Scottish style

The Back Corries at Nevis Range is considered by many as the ‘Gem’ of Scottish Skiing with areas including the off-piste Coire Dubh – which is within the ski area, as well as the back country Summit Corrie and Coire an Lochan that are located out of the patrolled ski area. We advise that the Back Corries is primarily for expert Skier & Snowboarders only!

Every winter we run Back Corrie Workshops and Freeride Clinics


Like internationally recognised itineraries, the Coire Dubh itineraries are overseen by Ski Patrol, though in a more limited way than the front of the mountain with designated on-piste runs.

In Winter 2012/13 we introduced new designations for Coire Dubh itineraries. The Coire Dubh itineraries will commonly be designated as Limited Patrol cover, but may also at times be designated Open or Closed. This is reported in the daily Snow Report and on the onsite screens. Once onsite, please check conditions with Ski Patrol.

  • Limited Patrol – The Coire Dubh itineraries are accessible for appropriately experienced and equipped skiers and boarders venturing off-piste. Limited Patrol activities include assessing conditions and posting notifications of hazards.  Ski Patrol will assist anyone in difficulty or who has become injured however, being off-piste, this is likely to be complicated and time consuming.  Ski Patrol will not normally sweep itineraries at the end of the day.
  • Open – The Coire Dubh itineraries are considered favourably accessible for advanced users, although still designated as off-piste.  Patrol cover will be like the rest of the main ski area.
  • Closed – The Coire Dubh itineraries are considered unacceptably dangerous for any users. They are therefore out of bounds if being accessed by ticket holders.  Tickets will be removed from any skier or snowboarder accessing the area when it is closed.


Those venturing off-piste or back country should consider the following:

  • Skiing and boarding ability – at least competent black run skiers or boarders.
  • Mountain awareness – appropriately experienced and equipped to look after themselves in a challenging and remote winter mountain environment.  This includes aspects of route finding, route choice, hazard identification and avoidance.
  • AVALANCHE AWARENESS – We recommend all skiers & boarders accessing the Back Corries or venturing into any Back Country terrain understand the benefits of, and are equipped to be able to use, a Transceiver, Probe and Shovel.
  • RECCO – In Winter 2016/17 we introduced a RECCO Detector on site.  In conjunction with RECCO Reflectors, this 2-part system allows organised rescue to search faster and provide one more chance to be found in time. RECCO Reflectors can be bought on site.
  • Information and advice – We recommend you seek up-to-date information before venturing off-piste or back country. We provide a Snow Report on a daily basis. The sportscotland Avalanche Information Service provides daily Avalanche Reports.  Nevis Range Ski Patrol are available to provide local information onsite.

Coire Dubh & Braveheart chair

Coire Dubh, within the ski area, is now designated as an off-piste bowl, accessible from the main ski area, with named itineraries.  This change took place at the beginning of the 2012/13 winter.

Entrances from the Nid Ridge are steep and often corniced.  Cornices above and snow conditions within Coire Dubh vary significantly, sometimes rapidly (even hourly), and also differ from other parts of the mountain.  Localised and widespread unstable snow deposits are common, and avalanches are possible.  Walking may be required to return to the main ski area.

Individual skiers and boarders are responsible for their own decisions and actions entering Coire Dubh. At all times safe access is your personal responsibility and at your own risk.

The Braveheart chair is located within the Coire Dubh bowl and solely provides access within Corrie Dubh and to the extensive Back Corries area.  Consequently, it is suitable for equipped and experienced back country and off-piste users only.


Summit Corrie and Coire an Lochan

The Summit Coire and Coire an Lochan are designated as Back Country and are accessed after walking across the plateau.  These back country itineraries are not assessed by Ski Patrol although information is normally available from Ski Patrol.

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