Snow Report

Last update - 24/01/2019 at 5:00am

Run Conditions

Gondola Updates: Gondola open 10:00 It's been snowing across the mountain and to the base station throughout the day, and this looks set to continue well into the night - we'll have an update in the morning for run conditions and which uplift will be open. In the meantime check out the Nevis Range Facebook page for photos and videos. Snow conditions: Snow has been accumulating across the mountain with snow falling to the base station. The colder temperatures are also playing their part in base formation and consolidating snowfall. Outlook for the the next few days: Thursday mainly dry with snow showers expected interspersed with some sunny spells. Temperatures rise on Friday for a short period with cold weather and snow over the weekend. Visiting Nevis Range: Snowgoose Restaurant and bar open where our non skiing visitors can relax and enjoy winter views or follow the snow covers trails to the view points. At the Base Station, there are plenty of biking trails and walking trails accessible from the car park. Leanachan Forest, on the lower slopes of Aonach Mor, offers you over 25 miles of forest trails to explore on foot, all with the stunning backdrop of Britain’s highest mountain, Ben Nevis. The network of trails around Nevis Range known as “The Witches Trails” incorporates MTB trails to suit all abilities, from family friendly Blue Graded trails to the bottom of the infamous Orange Fort William World Cup Track. Also, at the Base Station is the Pinemartin Cafe which is open from 8.30am serving lunches, hot drinks and sweet treats SNOWSPORTS SCHOOL AND EQUIPMENT HIRE Now that the snow is starting to arrive at Nevis Range, it may be a good time to get your bookings in for Ski School and Ski Hire. You can reserve these lessons and hire online, by phone and onsite. SNOWSPORTS SEASON TICKETS Application form available online and from the main Ticket Office. SSC TRAINING: SSC Training due to start the 26th and 27th, snow permitting. OPENING TIMES Gondola 10am – 5pm (until we are open for Snowsports) Gondola 9am – 5pm (once we are open for Snowsports) Climbers Gondola 8am Ski Hire and Ski School 8am

Lift Status

  • Gondola - Expected
  • Rope Tow - Closed
  • Linnhe/Lochy Button - Expected
  • Alpha Button - Expected
  • Quad Chair - Closed
  • Goose T-Bar - Closed
  • Summit Button - Closed
  • Warren's T-Bar - Closed
  • Great Glen Chair - Closed
  • Rob Roy T-Bar - Closed
  • Braveheart Chair - Closed

Snow Level

Vertical Runs

Current Weather at 650m

Dry and clear above the fog
WIND AND TEMP 650m: SW 10.6mph, -1.5C

Partly cloudy with sunny intervals and snow showers. Temperature remaining sub zero until late afternoon.
WIND AND TEMPERATURE 650m: SW 10-15mph,-4 to 2C

News from the Slopes

SNOWGOOSE RESTAURANT Open daily when gondola is open

** See website for full details of events **

Run Status

Summit Area

Spectre ClosedSpider ClosedSummit Run Closed

Goose Area

Side Winder ClosedCats Alley ClosedInside Edge ClosedDuncans Drop ClosedGoose Gully ClosedLink Closed

Warrens Area

Switch ClosedWarrens ClosedFlight ClosedUpper Traverse ClosedNid Ridge ClosedNid Wall Closed

Quad Chair Area

Far West ClosedThe Fairway ClosedEasy Rider ClosedAllt Snechda Closed

Alpha Area

Alpha Traverse ClosedHome Run ClosedYockies ClosedRabbit Run Closed


Glaistig ClosedAbhron ClosedRope Tow Run Closed

Rob Roy Area

Rob Roy ClosedRob Roy's Return Closed

Back Corries

Chancer ClosedBack Track ClosedYellow Belly ClosedWinger Wall Closed