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The Transceiver Park is for all mountain users to encourage better awareness and skills in the use of avalanche transceivers

2017/18 Season Update – AWAITED.  Please call the office if you need more information.

The Transceiver Park is for all mountain users to encourage better awareness and skills in the use of avalanche transceivers.  It is recommended that all skiers, boarders and mountaineers accessing the Nevis Range Back Corries or any back country terrain can use a transceiver, probe and shovel.  Huge thanks to Back Country Access sponsored for sponsoring the park.

A donation box is located at the Park and funds will be used to develop the Park and back country safety. Thank you.

How to Use

  • Transcevier skills – This area has a number of buried transmitting units which can be switched on or off from a central control box.  You can set up different scenarios from simple single searches to complicated multiple searches.  Then, use your own transceiver to complete the search scenario.
  • Probing skills – A variety of items are buried in the snow. You can use probe search techniques to find them.  By using a variety of buried objects, you can experience the different ‘feel’ of objects.

What You Need to Know

  • How to access – the Park is located at the top of Alpha Tow accessible by ski, board or on foot. Grid Reference NN 18905 75030
  • Access by foot – details of recommended routes on site
  • Transceiver Park Workshops – free & informal workshops – dates and information TBC.
  • Use of the Park is free – a lift pass is needed to access the ski area
  • Equipment – you’ll need transceiver, shovel and probe.  Use your own, borrow, or hire from Nevis Range Equipment Hire – best to book in advance
  • No Snow? – The Park is located in an area that holds snow, however it can also be used (transceivers only) with no snow cover
  • Help and advice – experienced Nevis Range staff may be available to provide free help or advice for individuals or small informal groups, call the office
  • Group Training Sessions – we can run formal training sessions for groups, please call the office for more information

Respect all mountain users and follow the simple FIS code

  • Follow the FIS code, especially skiing and boarding in control
  • Obey all warning signs within the ski area
  • Do not walk on ski runs or tow tracks at any time of the day
  • If you need to cross a ski run or tow track, go straight across
  • Training activities should not spill over onto nearby ski runs