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“Summer” Winter Maintenance

Posted by Nevis Range on 2nd November, 2017

Throughout the summer months, we’ve been busy right across the ski area carrying out lots of general maintenance on all the tows and vehicles – including the snow groomers, and getting ready for the ski season.

We’ve replaced some 2,500m of Snow Fencing, completing almost all of Zone B, the beginners area. This has been made possible using new mechanised fencing techniques which let us use much stronger and longer posts, which in turn means we can build much stronger and taller fencing, which is able to catch more than 50% more snow. And of course in winter, this increased “snow” will be redistributed across the slopes.

At the Summit, we’ve completed the Electrification of the Summit Tow, removed old diesel engine and its Hut.

The Great Glen chair takes lower ability skier sand snowboarders to the Rob Rob area, and we’ve improved the Get-On and Get-Off areas at the far end of this Chair by adding new snowflex matting, which makes it easier for customers.  We’ve also replaced the Lifty Hut at the Great Glen return with a new Log Cabin Lift Hut.

At the Goose drive area we’ve replaced the Lifty Hut with a new Log Cabin Lift Hut.  Plus, we’ve improved the area surrounding the Goose drive Get-On area and the road to the Groomer Garage with new drainage, re routed burns and grass crete.  This improves the drainage and helps us retain and manage the snow.

And finally, we’ve cleared up the mountain and removed some 25 bags of rubbish from the ski slopes by helicopter.