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Work started on 2 new MTB trails

Posted by Nevis Range on 9th October, 2013

Bike Tracks Supervisor Foss checking out building work on the new trail ...

Bike Tracks Supervisor Foss checking out building work on the new trail …

We’re superexcited to be beginning work on TWO new trails here at Nevis Range. Both new tracks are descents … a green for beginners and a blue for intermediate riders … and both are accessed by the foresty road. Technically, they’re cross country trails, but they’ll have ‘downhill’ features 🙂 It’s part of our much bigger plan to give you guys the opportunity to build your all mountain skills from beginner to world cup rider – all here at sunny Nevis Range. Although, tbh, we’re pretty sure that these trails will be rideable by entire families and many of these frighteningly skilled little riders that frequent the Trail Centre … So, we’ve got quite alot of diggers on site … along with the best Highland based contractors Mark Hedderwick and Einie MacGillivray … to help our very own bike track team build the trails. Eenie helped us build the downhill and the four cross, and Mark built the Nevis Red from the top gondola station to the carpark. The bigger plan includes 2 more jump lines (graded orange) running alongside the downhill dirt jumps and a new easy ‘up’ to access the new green and blue. Anytime soon, we’ll be seeing a local rider in the top 10 at the World Cup … that’s the plan.