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Environmental Policy

Since its inception in 1989, Nevis Range has always striven to be environmentally aware – it is part of our culture because of where we work. It is not a recent gimmick.

The company aims to provide a variety of opportunities which encourage visitors from all walks of life to enjoy the mountain experience in both summer and winter while minimising the impact on the landscape. The mountain of Aonach Mor lies within the various conservation designations such as the Ben Nevis Site of Scientific Interest (SSSI) and the Ben Nevis and Glencoe National Scenic Area (NSA).

In addition to managing issues which relate to the landscape in which we operate, such as repairing trampled vegetation, the company is also concerned with more general environmental issues such as waste management and energy conservation.

As global warming seems to become a reality, our company and business are being, and will be, affected earlier and more dramatically than most – we need each person who works for us and who visits us to think about what they might do to reduce greenhouse gases and waste.

Each year in addition to business objectives we set a number of environmental targets.  The targets for this year are as follows:

  • Increase amount of food/organic waste from 3 to 4 tons and reduce waste from plates.
  • Continue to reduce unnecessary use of electricity and fuel
  • Allow sufficient resource to make improvements as per environmental audit … * Clear old bits of paling from front face and tidy up back corrie * Consult SNH on burn piles * Treat coltsfoot patches on bike track, at top station and on Sgurr Finnisgaig * Re-assess ditches, footpaths and vegetation after winter * Reinstatement of worn/scuffed areas and repegging of turves * Ongoing work to bike tracks and spectator damage
  • Review carbon management plan and monitor/publish results
  • Review project for public recycling
  • Publicise our environmental achievements

Responsible Visitor Charter

We work hard to protect the mountain environment, please help us preserve this special landscape and the wider environment by:

  • Disposing of litter in bins provided – please help us recycle by separating waste into the appropriate bins plastic/paper/glass/aluminium.
  • Walking on the marked trails at the top and please don’t build or add to stone cairns – the collection of stones for these is damaging the ground and reducing areas of shelter for invertebrates.
  • Not picking wild flowers from the mountain – some are very rare – take a picture instead
  • Keeping your dog on a lead (so as not to scare wildlife)
  • Using the cycle track to arrive by bike, or the dedicated bus service to Nevis Range (from north and south)
  • Use our ‘Nae butts’ portable ashtrays and dog poo bags
  • Help save our winter by reducing your carbon footprint – walk and cycle where possible and be active in saving electricity and fuel – it’ll save you money as well.